This evening I was browsing through the forums on Goodreads and discovered my forthcoming book had been featured in a book shout-out on another blog.

Michael Brookes very kindly chose to feature The Seance in his book shout-out feature today and I was thrilled to see the kind comments he made. Michael was also a great supporter of my previous work, “The Cabinet of Dr Blessing” (which I am re-releasing soon with a brand spanking new cover that better suits the work).

I’ll include the link below and I ask you to visit his blog (which is great for readers and writers, I should add) and read his shout out, you never know, Michael might just convince you to give the book a try.

But before I feature that link, I wanted to encourage you, if you do visit his “Cult of Me” blog, to take a deeper look at his site. Follow the links to his book, also entitled “The Cult of Me” and please, go get it. I reviewed the story here: and am going to read the follow up story, “Conversations In The Abyss” as soon as I can.

Michael’s new book “Sun Dragon” is to be released a day after my novella, so that makes his 1st November 2014. I’ll be picking my copy up then! Note that the image at the head of this message is part of the cover art of “Sun Dragon”.

Anyway, the link to Michael’s blog is here, please check it out and share, tweet and spread the word if you like what you find there:

Many thanks


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