launch giveaway announcement

Halloween 2014 will see the launch of my new novella, “The Seance” worldwide, in paperback and e-book, through Dark Chapter Press. To celebrate this event, I am hosting my very first Virtual Book Launch. What better night to host this, than Halloween?

From 9PM til 11PM GMT, you can join in the fun here:

There will be some action in the days before the launch, to ensure my friends in America can get involved despite the time difference at the actual launch. There is going to be a prize for the best halloween costume selfie; Q&A with the me, the author; horror trivia, great music videos and horror movie clips galore.

Some of my generous author friends have jumped in to lend a hand and have offered up a shed load of books and e-books as prizes. See the image attached to this entry to see (and there are possibly more titles to be added before the night too).

So, if you get home from trick or treating by 9pm GMT, why not join us at the event page using the link above? There’ll be more treats than tricks, I guarantee it. Unless I’m tricking you now, of course…

Why not check out a sample of The Seance here :

You can pre-order your copy from Amazon here:

And some of the ARC reviewers have posted here:

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