The End

Here’s a nice little piece from my friend and fellow author David Basnett. Good one, Dave!

David Basnett

Frustration welled up suddenly. It was so unfair. Bill Hayes looked at his hands as if he did not recognise them. Getting old was so unfair. It stripped you of everything that defines you. His wrinkled face and elongated ears bore no resemblance to the man whose wedding photo stared from the sideboard. How would you have felt, to know what you would become? His mind was also in decline. Faces taunted him from photo albums. They were people he once knew well and he could not even recall the first letter of their names.

Bill relaxed his hands and took another grip on the bottle. He may be losing the war against old age, but he was damn sure that he still had the strength to peel back the foil top on a bottle of supermarket milk. He fumbled with it for a moment. He could not even feel…

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