The Cabinet Of Dr Blessing By Jack Rollins

A lovely, thoughtful review of “The Cabinet of Dr. Blessing”. Many thanks Melissa and let me assure you I’m working hard on the next instalments of Dr. Blessing. You are going to love what comes next!


The Cabinet Of Dr Blessing

By Jack Rollins

First of all I`m very upset with Mr. Rollins…he hasn’t finish the series yet, it was like someone pulled the rugs out from under me, the book has been building and building then you turn a page and it is continued in Part 4.  Damn, the story is written so well that you are drawn into it at the very beginning and when you think you have it figured out it goes into a totally different direction.

It is a new twist on a very old story line which I didn’t think could be done.  The creature is hideous and deadly something only a parent could love.  And that is Dr Blessing’s downfall, that and his dedication to healing the sick.  The story takes place in Victorian London told in the old penny-dreadful style which I love and makes the story even…

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Review: “Aftertaste” by Kyle M Scott

Review: “Aftertaste” by Kyle M Scott

Today I finished reading Aftertaste on my Kindle app. Before I tell you about it, there are some things you should know, first. A disclaimer, if you will.

Kyle and I got connected through social media sometime last year, as we discussed writing with other authors in cyberspace. Finding much in common we’ve built up a friendship and I have read, I’m pretty sure, all of his currently available work to date. He and I both feature in the anthology Carnage: Extreme Horror. However, my opinions are my own and just as sure as Kyle would tell me if he thought I’d written a stinker, I would tell him the same. This is an honest review, based on my interest in horror fiction from the reader’s perspective and from the angle of a fan of Kyle M Scott’s work so far, as opposed to his friend or collaborator.

I hope you’ll read on and hopefully look up more information from the links I’ll pop on below, so you can take in a range of views on this story. Or, what the hell? Just take my word for it.

Here goes…

The town of Plainfield is where we lay our scene, a small, quiet community in Ohio. The main strip is filled with family-owned, traditional businesses, until one day, a fast food chain sets up store and becomes the novelty place to be for the town’s inhabitants.

Almost immediately, things take a sinister turn; the chronic stomach problems, the strange behaviours, the disappearances and the unstoppable gluttony of the fast food joint’s patrons.

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