Excerpt from Home, Sweet Home, by Jack Rollins – Kill For A Copy @Dark_chapter_UK #horror

Excerpt from Home, Sweet Home, by Jack Rollins – Kill For A Copy @Dark_chapter_UK #horror

Before I give you the sample of Home, Sweet Home, I’d like to fill in some of the background for you.

In the forthcoming Dark Chapter Press anthology Kill For A Copy (details of which you can find here), my story marks a return to the fictional town of Tilwick. I have not released a story from Tilwick since 2003, when, years before Kindle and Nook, I released an e-book called Matt Carsun: Saturnine through doomed e-book platform No-Spine.

Matt Carsun, as central character in what was intended to be an ongoing horror/dark urban fantasy series, is a young man who resides in the town of Tilwick, a place in North East England so protected and secretive, that it appears only on maps printed and bought within Tilwick itself. The citizens of Tilwick may only leave when they are 18 years old and when they have passed examinations to show loyalty to their dark master, the exiled demon Mammon.

Mammon, having been blamed for Lucifer’s failed uprising as told of in Milton’s Paradise Lost, has forged a new home among humans, where he utilizes his powers to maintain the balance of his small realm, and where the worship of the humans around him enables him to live on through the generations, shifting from human body to human body every 200 years or so. In Matt’s time, a cohort of demons attempt to win favour in Hell by coming to Tilwick to topple the disgraced angel, but in doing so they cause a chain reaction of terror that ultimately sees Tilwick’s master drawing upon his ancient reserves of strength deep within the earth upon which the town was built, and in doing so, unleashing supernatural forces that threaten the safety and sanity of his people. Of course, a certain young businessman named Matt Carsun becomes embroiled in the plot and I won’t spoil how, but he certainly finds himself in great danger and with personal and moral tests to address as he strives to save the people around him from the evil machinations of a town that treats individuals as puppets whenever the master so desires…

Long overdue a reboot, I am working to bring this story back in a new version called simply Carsun, but in the meantime, here is an excerpt of a new story which takes place in the same town during the period described, when Mammon has tapped into those reserves of ancient supernatural energy, and events both strange and horrific break loose on every street.

(Note this is not the final draft and is a “warts ‘n’ all” sample before editing).

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My new #Kickstarter campaign: Kill For A Copy

My new #Kickstarter campaign: Kill For A Copy

Hi everyone. It’s been a while, but I wanted to give this very important update.

I’m doing it again!

Last year, with the help of a generous group of supporters, I not only launched the novella The Séance, but started up Dark Chapter Press. Since then I have worked hard to build the presence of this small press and very soon, Dark Chapter Press will launch its first ever horror anthology, Kill For A Copy.

17 horror writers have assembled to create a collection that is by turns chilling, brutal and darkly humorous. And the best part? I managed to get master of horror, Shaun Hutson, to provide the foreword.

Kill For A Copy is going make a big splash with Mr Hutson’s involvement. But the really nice part of it is that this anthology features first appearances by some unknown writers who will, first time out, claim that connection to Shaun Hutson.

This time around, the goal is much more ambitious and with good reason. Dark Chapter Press already has a great reputation for you know… actually replying to the writers who submit work, giving guidance and support, rather than leaving them hanging on for a reply. Now is the time to go a step further. We need to build a reputation for paying authors a professional rate and in order to continue to grow, we have to market more precisely.

The initial funding goal will enable all of the authors involved (except me) to take a professional per word payment for their stories, and will also allow me to advertise Dark Chapter Press’s publications through top UK horror magazine Scream.

With several projects in the pipeline this year, Dark Chapter Press is about to step out of the shadows and make its presence known not only with horror writers, but with many more horror readers worldwide.

Of course, while all of this is going on, I continue to write, and the next stages of the Dr Blessing Legacy claw their way ever-closer to your bookcase.

In the meantime, friends and strangers came out to bat for me before, I hope you can support this ambitious new project and, as I always ask, tell your friends, family and followers to jump on board, too by forwarding this link http://kck.st/1EJHzDV and sharing this post.

My thanks as always,

Jack Rollins