Last week I wrote about what I believe to be the best type of horror. Over to you. I’d love to know what your favourite sub-genres are in the horror spectrum. I’ve got a pretty comprehensive list below, just waiting for you to make your selections and share your thoughts.

You might even inspire me to start a new project – I love a challenge, so if there’s a popular category I’ve never tried before, I’ll give it a shot.

So go on, share what makes you tick and feel free to tell me about your favorite horror books, TV shows and movies in the comments section.

See my post: The Best Kind Of Horror

4 thoughts on “See more dead people – share your ultimate scares (Poll)

  1. My preferences fall mainly into the category of what i would class as realistic horror, however I do enjoy other sub genres such as posession etc. i am not adverse to, and have at some point read something from pretty much every category on the list.

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    1. Hi Christopher- I’d usually be happy to let you reblog any post, but in this one I’m gathering info and I’m not sure responses from your blog would feed back to my original poll.

      If you would like to help me gather more info, please link back to the original poll and that would be greatly appreciated.

      My best,



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