After yesterday’s sad news on the death of Wes Craven, a man whose horror movies captured the fears and imaginations of generations, Dark Chapter Press team member Stuart Keane shares his thoughts on this most influential horror master.

Wes Craven – A Tribute

It was 3.44am. I should have been sound asleep, but being a writer, these late hours are my bread and butter; the perfect time to write horror. Outside is dark and quiet, the sound – or lack thereof – of mass humanity in slumber haunt the crisp air that preludes dawn and another day altogether. As I breathe in the cool air with the window wide open, I stare at the darkness, wondering what lies in the flickering shadows. Yes, I should have been asleep. But I wasn’t, I was adding some finishing touches to Cine, my upcoming novel.

And then the news broke. Wes Craven had passed away.

As one can expect, social media exploded. Facebook and Twitter lit up with the shocking news. Me, I was devastated. I even thought it was a hoax, such is the cruelty of the Internet these days (I wasn’t alone, many on my Facebook friend feed thought the same – unfortunately, it wasn’t to be).

Craven was the first director who terrified me – and when I say that, it’s with the sincerest truth and utmost respect. A Nightmare on Elm Street, possibly the most famous film on his illustrious resume, had me covering my face with a cushion and missing sleep for a week. Hell, even the cover scared me, something I alluded to in my latest blog post. It was only yesterday I was discussing his controversial The Last House On The Left with my wife, reminiscing on the film that offended many and launched a stellar horror career that would last over forty years.

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