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The return of our monthly flash fiction competition attracted much interest and a great response from writers, both familiar to us here at Dark Chapter Press, and new. Such a response is great news for us here in the DCP dungeon, because it means writers like what we’re doing and want to jump onboard, but what if I told you it could be a poisoned chalice, a double-edged sword? Would you believe me?

Allow me to explain. The quality this month overall was some of the best we’ve ever seen. The image of that little creature in the basement really did spark something off in the imaginations of the writers who got involved. No wonder we over-ran on the judging time.

But it’s done. We have our August winner. This writer will soon be invited to join us, with a secret submission call to write a story for inclusion in an anthology for release next year. Don’t forget, that’s the prize this month, too – and in all the competitions that make up this 6-month campaign. This is how we are sourcing new talent and forging relationships with the writers who really want to have their work branded with the Dark Chapter Press seal.

David M Hoenig is our August winner. His story My Boy really nailed it this month. Congratulations to David and well done. We think his story is fantastic, and we’re sure you’ll all feel the same when you read it.

To read the story click here

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