Dark Chapter Press – One Year On… | Stuart Keane

Stuart Keane shared his thoughts on the one year anniversary of Dark Chapter Press, following up on Rob McEwan’s earlier article. Take a look at his view on this landmark, from his perspective as both an author participating in competitions at the birth of DCP, to a member of the editing team who prepare to take Dark Chapter Press into a year where we will at least treble the number of titles currently available!

One year ago, I submitted a flash fiction piece to the very competition he mentions in the blog. I won with my submission, Pieces, which now has a home in Whispers – Volume 1: A Collection. This was my first attempt at flash fiction, so for Rob to pick it as the winner was a proud moment for me. Which brings me to my short point…

I said a year ago that Dark Chapter Press were going places. A year on, hindsight is awesome. If you’d asked me a year ago if DCP would have Shaun Hutson provide the Kill For A Copy foreword, I would have said yes. Call it intuition or something more, but I sensed that Dark Chapter Press were going to make waves. Sometimes, you just know, and seeing DCP progress, evolve and develop in the way I thought they would, it makes me proud.

Read the full article on Stuart’s website: Dark Chapter Press – One Year On… | Stuart Keane

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