A couple of days ago we were treated to that rare celestial event – the Super Blood Moon. Horror writers and fans can easily see how this event slides right into the themes of all things that go bump in the night. The moon has long been associated with the genre, be it a lunar transformation into a blood-crazed beast, or the moon’s gravitational pull distorting the fluids in the brains of the insane, presenting us with murderous lunatics – the very word itself deriving from lunar, of course.

Sam Gregory saw the signs, she knew this was coming, and planned a month-long event to tie in with both the blood moon, and the coming of Hallowe’en. What better time for a celebration of new horror fiction? She came up with the Facebook event Blood Moon Rising 2 (she must have done another one of these sometime ago, before I was acquainted with her). The event kicks off today 1st October 2015, and runs right up to Hallowe’en.

I registered immediately to participate and, gulp, I get to take control of the event page this Saturday, 3rd October. I’ll be active from around 9am London time, and I plan to do a full, day long marathon session answering questions, posting some facts about my work and having some fun meeting all of the horror fans who come to get involved.



Oh no. I have elected to do something much more challenging than just that. You see, Sam invited the writers involved in this project to contribute a story for an anthology that would be given away for free (which you can grab now by following the link at the bottom of this post. Unfortunately, due to my current commitments I knew I couldn’t manage this. There is one day, though, that I have kept totally free on my schedule… 3rd October 2015… when I’m manning the pumps at the event.

I am going to write my story across the day and post it live.


So it’s a bit of an experiment. I’ve done only the loosest planning for this. I have an idea, and that’s it. I know who the main character will be, and I have a very loose plot idea. Literally, a general outline of what it’s about. There’s barely a skeleton, so the story will develop organically throughout the day.

I can reveal that the story is a successor of sorts to Anti-Terror, the story I wrote for the Carnage: Extreme Horror anthology – which features the names of people who registered to be part of the story. Those who have read Anti-Terror already may remember a character called Professor Vincent Dover, high priest of the demonic cult House Grandier… well, he’s going to be the main focus of attention this time around – he’s in trouble and he’s got some pretty nasty tricks up his sleeve as he wrestles to keep control of the cult.

I need your help with this project, though. There is something you can give me, that will take away one job for me and save me some trouble. While I’m coming up with the events and places, maybe you could contribute a character name? How about your name? What do ya say? Would you like to be in my horror story?

What do you have to do?

Follow this link to a special registration page on Dark Chapter Press (my publishing house) where you’ll find a form waiting for you. Pop your details in there, hit submit, and that’s it. Join me on the Facebook event page this Saturday, get involved and see the story unfold.

Now, depending on the response, I may not be able to fit everyone who registers into this story, but if that’s the case, I’ll drop you into another suitable story but I’ll check it’s okay with you before I do. Either way, though, everyone who registers, will be eligible to receive a copy of this story (after it’s had a bit of a polish in the days following the event), as an e-book to thank you for your support.

Well, I hope to see you on Saturday, and to be writing about you soon!

Those links again:

Register Here

Participate Here

Get your free download of Blood Moon Rising: An Anthology of Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy Tales here

Pick up a copy of Carnage: Extreme Horror from Amazon US or UK

Stay horrific!


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