From 1859, with love

I wanted to share a quick post tonight as it’s been a really exciting couple of days for me. I’ve well and truly returned to the world of Dr. Blessing and Panacea, et al, and it’s coming out at a pretty good rate. Around 1500 words yesterday and well over 2000 today.

What’s exciting about that? You may well wonder. A writer wrote something, so what? Well, this particular story became one of those that I thought about so much it was turning into a thing I couldn’t  write. At least that’s how it felt to me.

Perhaps I just needed a little break away from that world, and stray into a couple of other projects for a while. Whatever it was that was going on, it worked!

I’d love to share an excerpt, but I can’t. Even giving the title of this one will blow some of the secrets of The Cabinet of Dr Blessing. The idea is that when you’ve read the cabinet, you come on to this one and you’ll just be blown away by the revelations and cameo appearances.

It’s making me sick with excitement because I know so many people who love the Dr Blessing stories are just going to go insane when this one is ready for the world!

Until then, I’m keeping it all under my top hat!

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