Beware the Fearful Fathoms

Beware the Fearful Fathoms

Moments ago, I received some fantastic news. My story Once Tolled The Lutine Bell has been accepted to feature in next year’s Scarlet Galleon Publications release: Fearful Fathoms.

To say I am thrilled is the understatement of our age. Their Dead Harvest anthology is a fantastic tome of horror tales and I must admit to third degree burns of envy, in the knowledge that my friend and colleague Stuart Keane got himself a story in there, and I was far too late!

However, I made bloody sure I was ready for this one, with a Victorian tale of greed, betrayal, honour and revenge. There are some aspects of the story that connect to my other works, as those of you who have been with me for a while know, I do love a little Easter egg!

I’ll be sure to post more on this as I get more information from the publisher. But for now, I think a bottle of Broadside is in order!


Quick Review: The Demon of Heritage, by Killian H. Gore

Quick Review: The Demon of Heritage, by Killian H. Gore

I enjoyed The Demon of Heritage overall very much. During the reading I enjoyed it to varying degrees. The story started out great, cultivating intrigue and mystery, making you wonder just what is going to happen with the arrival of a new gargoyle at the small parish church.

The story continues at a decent pace and while the writer maintains a pretty convincing Victorian voice throughout, there are some parts of the story that I wish he had taken a little longer with – chief among these – the end! It felt a bit rushed and rounded off in a hurry.

That didn’t spoil my enjoyment of everything that had gone before, I just thought it didn’t do the build-up justice.

Some of the things I wished could have been enhanced were in actual fact limited by the story’s diary-style first person narrative. However, this could have been avoided with the main protagonist being on the scene, rather than inspecting the aftermath. It would perhaps have lent some really tense, gripping scenes to the tale.

However, as the story stands, it is a good, entertaining short read. It is memorable, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a touch of Gothic in their horror.