See more dead people – share your ultimate scares (Poll)

See more dead people – share your ultimate scares (Poll)

Last week I wrote about what I believe to be the best type of horror. Over to you. I’d love to know what your favourite sub-genres are in the horror spectrum. I’ve got a pretty comprehensive list below, just waiting for you to make your selections and share your thoughts.

You might even inspire me to start a new project – I love a challenge, so if there’s a popular category I’ve never tried before, I’ll give it a shot.

So go on, share what makes you tick and feel free to tell me about your favorite horror books, TV shows and movies in the comments section.

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Support the new wave of horror writers

Support the new wave of horror writers


The aim of my new Kickstarter is to gather interest in the forthcoming Dark Chapter Press horror anthology, “Kill For A Copy”. Backers essentially place pre-release orders on this fantastic collection that will be fulfilled in late June, early July 2015. The goal is two-fold. The first outcome is that those who backed the project, who then read the e-book that they helped to launch, could review “Kill For A Copy” on Amazon and Goodreads when released for general sale and help to generate buzz through social networking and word of mouth.

At present, as a new small press, our marketing is very limited and with a practically non-existent budget. The royalties from sales on Amazon come in drips and drops and so get consumed by the usual bills and overheads associated with running a small press. That’s where the second outcome becomes clear.

Through this Kickstarter project, instant sales of “Kill For A Copy” would generate a lump-sum of funding, from which I could raise more awareness through focused advertising to reach a carefully targeted audience, including a half-page advert in a UK horror magazine.

I can produce 10 promotional copies of Kill For A Copy to issue to reviewers and bloggers and additional copies to offer in competitions/giveaways on Booklikes and Goodreads.

Dark Chapter Press was established in August 2014 following a successful campaign to launch the Jack Rollins novella The Séance. Since then, the Dark Chapter Press website has received almost 50,000 visitors and featured excellent monthly competitions from August 2014 to February 2015.

In January, the Dark Chapter Press site hosted Writer’s Block Month, where writers at all stages of their career gave advice on coping with the dreaded block. Contributors included Shaun Hutson, Graham Masterton and David Moody. The response to our initial open submission call was literally overwhelming and we recently called up prolific horror writer and editor Stuart Keane, to lend us his support. Stuart is taking the lead on one of our planned summer releases.

Now well-established with horror writers, it is time to move to the next phase and focus on attracting new readers to the exciting line-up of books we are launching this year. This includes Flashes In The Dark (a collection of flash fiction stories), Bloody Heather (a Scottish horror anthology), Under The Knife (a medical horror anthology) and Kids (as if parenthood isn’t horrific enough), which has proven to be so popular with our horror writers, that we have had to open up submissions to a second volume..

You are invited to join the launch of this new anthology, which will see your name included in the Special Thanks Kickstarter Backers page of the anthology, and on the Dark Chapter Press website. Not only will you have supported this fantastic book, you will also have supported a small business to develop, and expand its reach. Imagine that, in a few years’ time when Dark Chapter Press has dozens of titles in the stable – you were there at the beginning, helping us to make sure we could grow. You get to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like you just ate a warm and fuzzy creature. One of the authors from this anthology has written about his experience with us. He’s put it better than we can, and is perhaps a better source of information than us just telling you what we do:

Please take the poll below, and if you would like to back this exciting new project, and see your name in a book right there with Shaun Hutson, please follow click here.